The border town of weather

Now, nothing. Just the bed, seems to keep the warmth of the owner. Messy sheets, is trying to tell the owner of each turn over. The border town of weather, it seems that every day like a lethargic Jour, repressed people suffocating. Repressed the outside world as a whole seems to have ruled alone pervaded the house where I am.

As the damp mist, a plume seep into my heart. I felt a breath difficulties, want to escape, but no matter how Maibu Kai footsteps. In fact, As if the whole space is filled with hostility for me to do is not my day. Can not sleep, and had to turn around to sit up. Will not get angry, to the the irregular outbreak, to field fierce rain. . In fact, I love this peace of violent, often standing under the eaves Look the Lightning pull the wind tearing silent, and then wait trembling after the loud sound calm. Rain the courage to stand in the rain and not take an umbrella and wretched man is king.

Lost cheap supra shoes the past, the future is still bright, refueling ah! Well, he was the hint of a cry, no more words. Now that I think, supra skytop was how superficial, supra sale slumped over the edge of the bed. Out of the window there is no sunlight, how so dazzling, quiet room. Other several beds have been empty. Not long ago, a few living lying.